Kayla Knadle

Painter, Illustrator, and Doll Artisan

I am compelled to express the ugliness of death and of self, of figures and animals and nature.  Folds of skin, rivers of stretchmarks and veins intrigue me. When I close my eyes, I see towering birch trees grieve the loss of their leaves that could not outlast the bitterness of autumn. Red leaves upon the ground, the red of blood, and of fingers and the white of bone and teeth, the white of fur and snow-- then, finally: the pitch black of hollowness.

I am an artist of many interests, including oil painting, mixed media, illustration, graphic design, sculpture and animation. I hold many years of experience in digital artwork, paintings, and illustrations ranging from commissions to freelance, to personal work. I greatly enjoy combining mediums and techniques such as digital animation and traditional oil painting. Currently, my endeavors are focused on sculpting and painting ball jointed dolls. 

Thank you for viewing my work,
Kayla Knadle


BFA 2013 Fine Arts Columbus College of Art and Design


2011 - Charles Hall Memorial Scholarship

2009 –Half-Tuition Merit Scholarship Columbus College of Art and Design

2009 - 18th District Congressional Art Awards – 1st place, Arizona

2009 - VFW Art Awards – 1st Place County, Arizona

2008 - 18th District Congressional Art Awards – 1st place, (Arizona

2008 - VFW Art Awards – 1st Place County , Arizona

Exhibition Record

2010 131st Annual Student Exhibition Columbus, OH

2013 Ghost of Nature, Solo Thesis Exhibition Columbus, OH

2014 Sleep Paralysis ,Wake the Dead Coffee House San Marcos, TX

2016 This Is Not Forever,  Wake the Dead Coffee House San Marcos, TX

2016 Art Haus, Pour Haus New Braunfels, TX


2009- Present Freelance Doll Artisan

2011 Freelance Illustrator at SBC Advertising

- Bed, Bath, and Beyond Christmas Catalog 2011

2011 – 2012 Graphic Designer for a network of entertainment websites

2012 The Disaster Syndicate Band Logo

2012 Antipode Comic Character Design

2012 -2013 Indestructible Noise Command Album Cover and Limited Edition T-Shirt Design

2012- 2014 Cayur Album Artist